Kiely-Rivero Inc. specializes in making Microsoft SharePoint work for your business. Our mission is to always help our clients get the greatest impact for their SharePoint investment.

What do you get when you work with us? SharePoint expertise. Business expertise. A dependable partner who is dedicated to the success of your project. Trained professionals who will work harder than anyone else to understand your business needs. Rates that won't bust your budget.

What won't you get? Solutions in search of a problem. Big-ticket answers to simple problems. Cookie-cutter solutions that don't address your goals.

How can SharePoint work for your business?

  • Corporate intranet - a central location to gather and share information with your employees.
  • Corporate extranet - a place to communication and collaborate with your clients.
  • Replacement for shared folders - easier, more intuitive ways to store and locate files.
  • Automation of business processes - workflows that work and are easy to use.

If you'd like to learn more about what SharePoint can do for your business, contact us to get started.